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We have a bunch of new stuff in this week,  come in and take a peek.  Fish include; African Midas Blennies,  Yellow Tangs, Secretive Wrasse, Springeri Damsels, Flame Angel, Blacker Ice Clowns, Black Ice Clown, Royal Gramma, Black Ocellaris, Flurry Ocellaris, Aiptasia Eating  File Fish, Green Clown Goby, Spanish Hogfish, Sixline Wrasse. Corals Include;bow Brain, Green Goni, Worm Rock, Multicolored Mushroom, Check Bounce Mushrooms, Orange Eye Zoas, Stop and Go Zoas, TGC Beauty &the Beast Paly, Reef Raft Pink Diamond Paly, Pumkin Patch Mushrooms, Neon Favites, Pom Pom Xenia Frags, Yellow Aussi Acro Colony.  Inverts Include; Colored Fromia Starfish, Pacific Red Leg Hermits, Fire Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Pepermint Shrimp, Red Banded Throchus Snails, Hawaiian Feater Dusters.  Huge Sale this weekend!   Live Rock From our Blue Runner $4.00 lb 25% off, Frits Pro Reef Salt 200 gallon Box Regularly $64.95 $10 off. Frags in Shallow Frag tank, buy two get a third FREE. Aqua Forest Probiotic Salt 162 gallon bucket Regularly $79.95 $15.00 OFF.  *While Supplies Last This Weekend Only 10/21 and 10/22.

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We have a new shipment of frags in as well as large pieces of Coral, Fish and Inverts in for this weekend.    Friday thru Sunday Buy Two Frags Get a Third Frag Free.  Free Frag is of Equal OR Lessor Value to the lowest price frag.

New in stock includes; Red Linka Starfish, Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Mexican Red Leg Hermits, Re Banded Trochus Snails, Purple Base Bubbletip Anemones, Blue Tip Torch, Pink Tip Torch, Yellow Tip Torch, War Paint Scolly, Purple Red Sea Tang, Azure Damssels, Aussi Rainbow Acan, Cora lBanded Shrimps, Orange Frogspwan, Pygmy Angel, Eibli Angel, Purple Queen Anthias, Red Scooter Blenny, Copperband Bufly, Green File Fish, Randalls Goby,  Hi Fin Goby,  Yellow Watchman, Sm Desjardins Sailfin Tang, Scopas tang, Red Fin Fairy Wrasse, Secretive Wrasse, Double Starfish, Diamond Sleeper Gobies, Florida Recordea, Acan Maxima, Aussi Maze Brain.  Also OVer 50 new Frags in today!

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Purple Queen Anthias, Royal Gramma, Green File Fish (eats Aiptasia), Spotted Mandrin, Foxface Md, Desjardins Sailfin Tang, Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse, Dot Dash Flasher Wrasse, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse, Solar Fairy Wrasse, Orange Anthia Anthias, Male Anthia, Divided Leopard Wrasse, Social Fairy Wrasse, McCoskers Fairy Wrasse, Angel Flame Back, Exquisite Wrasse, African Cleaner Wrasse, Mexican Zebra Strip Snails, Red Sea Purple Tang, Red Banded TrochusYellow Gorgonians, plus lots of Frags we brought in. Including Cherry Corals Voodoo Majik Acro, Inland Corals Sub Zero, Paradise, Blue Bomber, RMF, Lantania, IC Flambe.
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New Corals, Fish and Invert....

We have some beautiful new fish in as well as plenty of new frags and large colonies.  Fish include; Flame Angel, Orange Anthias, Purple Queen Anthias, Royal Gramma, Ruby Red Scooter Blenny, Green Filefish, Green Mandrin, Antenna Goby, Citron Goby, Clown Goby, Yellow Watchman Goby, Dragonface Pipefish, Desjardins Sailfin Tang, Purple Tang, Yellow Tang, Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse, Dot Dash Flasher Wrasse, Exquisite Super Male Fairy Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse, McCoskers Wrasse.

Corals Include: Cultured War Coral, Cyphastrea, Faiva Brain, Chalice Coral, Aussie Acan Lordhowensis, Platygyra Maze Brain, Feather Dusters, Coco Worm Red and White, Bumblebee Snails, Red Welso Brain, Green Welso Brain, Lobos Orange, Blue and Pink, Dendronepthia Orange and White, Fat Head Dendros Singles, Double and Mulit. Head, Gonioporas, Symphyllia Brains, Daisy Polyps, Rhodactus Mushrooms, Discosoma Mushrooms, Alveopora Branching, Yuma Mushrooms, Encrusting Goniopora, Florida Ricordea, Acan Echinata, Purple Haze Monti, Tooth Lobos, Goniastrea Maze Brain Cultured, Trachy Super Color Brain, Blasto Super Red and Green, Orange Bubble Mushroom, Octo Neon Euphillia, Acro Aussie Spath, Acro Super Color Aussi Spath 4 total lrg Wild Colonies.

Clams;  Maxima Clam LRG, 2 Crocea Clams Medium

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New Corals and Fish in this week 5-17-17

We have plenty of new  corals and fish in this week including; Purple Queen Anthias, Royal Granmma, BiColor Blenny, Scooter Blenny, Tailspot Blenny, Ocellaris Clowns, Percula Clowns, Midnight Clowns, Wyoming White Clowns, Black and White Clowns, Vivid Fancy Clowns, Snowflake Clowns, Red Mandrin Goby, Yellow Rose Goby, Longnose Hawkfish, Tiger Jawfish, Dragon Pipefish, Orange Shoulder Tang  Adult, Yellow Eye Kole Tang, Yellow Tang, Bluejaw Trigger, Exquisite Fairy Wrasse, Koi wrasse, McCoskeri Fairy Wrasse, Ruby Fin fairy Wrasse, Tri Color Wrasse, Super Agave Zoas, Blood War PE polys, Super Combo Blasto, Acro Mille Cultured, Acro Tenius Cultured, Acro Super Poyp Cultured, Acro Cultured Bali, Acro Super Cultured, Zoas Tonga, Zoa Super Mix. Plus 50 other new frags available.

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We have tons of new frags in stock including; Metallic Green Scroll coral, J.Fox Scarlet Stylo, J. Fox Burning Banana, J.Fox Lunar Lepto, J. Fox Grafting Dayglo Favia, J. Fox Hydnopora, WWC Purple Monster Paly, Lava Lepto, Sonic Hedgehog Galaxia,  Red Death Palys, Long Polyp Monti, J.Fox Spitfire, Magicians, Viscous Vixen Palys,  50 plus other new frags, Bali Sand Sifting Starfish, Trochus Snails, Mexican Turbo Snails, Red Legged Hermits, Blue Legged Hermits, War Paint Scolymia, TriColored Wellso, Vietiam Mushrooms, Blue Bubble Bounce Rhodactis, Purple Candelabra Gorgonian, Purple Plume Gorgonian, Flat Blade Gorgonian, Orange Spiny  Gorgonian, Vietnam Zoas Ultra Grade, SM Elegance Coral Aussi, Orange Lace Coral, Pink Lace Coral, Purple Firefish Goby, Green Mandrin Goby, Bluesided Fairy Wrasse, Spotted Mandrin Goby, Tri Color Anthias, Longfin Fairy Wrasse, Algae Blenny, Blonde Naso Tang, Carpenters Flasher Wrasse, Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse, Leopard Wrasse,  Red Eye Solorensis Wrasse, McCoskers Flasher Wrasse, Snowbite Clowns, Green Chromis, Large Blue Hippo Tang, Med Desjarini Red Sea Sailfin tang, Fire Shrimp, Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp, Aussi Acropora Table,  Blastomussa Welso Colonies.

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New Fish in stock this week include Flame Angel, Green Aiptasia Eating File Fish, Green Mandrin, Yellowheaded Jawfish, Spotted Mandrin, Flame Hawkfish, Dragonface Pipefish, Chocolate Tang Adult, Scopas Tang, Pink Tail Trigger, Dot Dash Fairy Wrasse, Exquisite Super Male FAiry Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse, Double Star, Tonga Blood Mushroom, Pink Milli, Maricultured Acro,  Red Moonstone, Yuma Mushrooms, Bounce Mushrooms, Orange Sponge, Multiple Euphillias, Super Yumas, Yuma Rocks, Lightning Blastomussa Colony, 

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New Coral and Fish 1-18-17

WE have a new shipment of fish and corals in stock including; BiColor Blenny, Tiger Blenny, Tailspot Blenny, Kleins Butterfly, Red Mandrin Goby, Yasa Hashe Goby, Blue Hippos, Lavendar Tang, Yellow Tang, Christmas Wrasse, Leopard Wrasse, Melanarus Wrasse, Bubbletip Anem., Maxi Mini Anem. Zoa Gardens, Blue Milli Acro, Rainbow Wellso.

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New Fish and Corals at Coral Connection...

WE have a new shipment of fish and corals in stock including; BiColor Blenny, Tiger Blenny, Tailspot Blenny, Kleins Butterfly, Red Mandrin Goby, Yasa Hashe Goby, Blue Hippos, Lavendar Tang, Yellow Tang, Christmas Wrasse, Leopard Wrasse, Melanarus Wrasse, Bubbletip Anem., Maxi Mini Anem. Zoa Gardens, Blue Milli Acro, Rainbow Wellso.

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New Fish, Corals and Clams...

We have some really nice new fish in this week including; Atlantic pygmy Angel, Coral Beauty, Orange Anthias, Bangaii Cardinals, Orchid Dottyback, Royal Gramma, Midas Blenny XL, Vanderbilts, Yellow Watchman, Pipefish Dragonface, Blue Hippo Tangs, Sailfin Tang IndoPacific, SML Yellow Tangs, Christmas Wrasse, Redfin Fairy Wrasse, Solar Fairy, Divided Leopard, Sixline Wrasses, Golden Maxima, Ultra Maxima, Bumblebee Snails, Tiger Trochus, Blue Leg Hermits, White Trochus, Cleaner Shrimp, Ruby Red Scooter Blenny, Emerald Crabs, African Cleaner Wrasse.  Purple Yuma, Zoa Garden Mixed Rock, Mixed Mushroom Rocks, White Bubble Coral.

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We have Some really nice Corals, fish and Inverts in stock for the New Year including; Atlantic Pygmy Angel, Flame Angel, Sailfin Blenny, Alage Blennies, Copperband Buterfly, Green Mandrin, Spotted Mandrin, Yellow Tangs, Eightline Wrasse, Golden Maxima, Ultra Blue Maxima, ORange Gorgonian, Red Whip, Tiger Trochus Snails, Blue Eye Goni Frag, Deepwater Acropora, Tonga Mushrooms, Lettuce Rock, Purple Knobby Gorgonian, Coco Worms, Branching Toxic Hammer, Pink Tip Torch, Aussi Zoas, Mini Scolly, Blue Sponge Frags, Orange Hammer Coral, Alvepora Frags, Bubble Coral, Rainbow Chalice Aussi, Red Flower pot, Orange Octofrogspawn Aussi, LRG Cleaner Shrimp, Fromia Starfish.

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New Corals and Fish in stock 12-08-16...

We have some great new animals in today including; Crazy Eye Favia, Super Mushroom, Hairy Mushroom, Super Pincushion Mushroom, Orange Spot Mushrooms, Tonga Mushrooms, Fox Coral, Tiny Hammer, Yellow polyps, Green Hairy Mushrooms, Stripped Mushrooms, Yellow Brick Roads, Nuclear Palys, Blue Sponge, Royal Urchins.  Fish Include; Flame Angel, Orange Anthias, Purple Queen Anthias, Chalk Basslet, Royal Gramma, Flame Tail Blenny, Tailspot Blenny, XL Mandrin Goby, Yellow Head Jawfish, LG Randalls Goby, Desjardins Sailfin TAng, Naso Tang, Scopas Tang, Fairy Wrasse Dot Dash Flasher.

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New Jewels in this week... 11-30-16

We have a lot of new jewels in this week including: Orange Anthias, Chalk Basslet, Royal Gramma, Copperband Butterfly, XL Mandrin Goby, Yellowheaded Jawfish, Purple Firefish, Spotted Mandrin, Citron Goby, Green Clown Goby, Yellow Bellied Hippo Tangs, Desjardins Sailfin tang, Kole Tang, Green Coris Wrasses, Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse, Sixline Wrasses, Yellow Gorgonian, Red Leg HErmits, Lrg Cleaner Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp, Red tree Sponge, Sand Sifting Stars.

Corals; 2 head Yellow Hammer, Ultra Red Goni, Sunset Stylo, Green Eye Lepto, Pink Birdsnest Maricultured, Worm Rock, Bird OF Paradise Maricultured, Orange Frogspawn, Pink Eye Blue Goni, Two Tone XL show Acan, Super Rainbow Symphyllia Brain, sml Bubble Coral, Fromia Starfish.

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Three Shipments in this week 11/17/16...

We have some really beautiful corals and fish in this week as well as coming in Friday for the weekend.   Already Landed; Multi Streak Chalice, Yuma Mushroom Ultra, Zoa Garden, Green Eye Blasto, Emerald Crabs, Pacific Red Leg Hermits, Re/Pink Tile Starfish, Quadricolor Bubbletip,  Rose Super Bubbletip, Flower Rock Anemone, Long Tentacle Anemone, Maxi Mini Anemone.

Coming Friday; Cleaner Shrimp, Pistol Shrimp, Red Leg Hermits, Hippopus Clam, Derasa  Clam, Acro Millie, Acro Yellow Tenius, Acro Super Millie, Acro pink Millie, Acro Green, Blasto Purple /Green, Blasto Red, Favia Super, Mushroom Yuma, Mushroom Super, Lyretail Anthias, TR Bangaii Cardinals, Chalk Basslet, LG Royal Gramma, Green Mandrin, Lg Spotted Mandrin, Hi Fin Goby, Citron Goby, Desjardins Sailfin Tang, Scopas TAng, Red Fin Fairy Wrasse, Leopard Wrasse, Scarlet Hermit, Bumblebee Snails, Pajama Cardinal Md, XL Randalls Goby, Nassarius Snails XL, Lilly Pad Palys, Ultra Red Goni, Worm Rock, Ultra Channel Brain, Blue Spot Female Leopard Wrasse.

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Two New Shipments in this week 11-11-16....

We have two really nice shipments in this week fish include;Lrg Royal Gramma, Lg Copperband Butterfly, Lg Mandrin Goby, Purple Firefish, Randalls Goby, Yellow Dottyback, Md Desjardins Sailfin Tang, Sm Red Sea Purple Tangs, Dot Dash Flasher Wrasse, RedFin FairyWrasse, Solar Fairy Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse, Long Tenticle Anemone, Pacific Red Leg Hermits, Blue Leg Hermits, Banded Coral Shrimp, Tiger Trochus,  Red Fromia Tile Starfish, Sand Sifting Starfish. Corals Include Orange Yuma Ricordea, Maricultured Acropora, Spotted Mushrooms.  Sea Dwelling Creatures order, Purple Mushrooms Rock, Purple and Green Yuma Mushroom Rock (Crazy), Ultra Yuma Mushroom, Ultra Acro Combo, Acro Blue and Green Tenius Combo, Acro Blue and Pink Milli, Acro Super Blue Tenius, Acro Ultra Tenius Cultured, Purple Strip Trachy, Rhodi Mushroom Rock, Orange Yuma Frag, Emerald Crabs, Orange Sponge, Red/ Pink Tile Starfish.

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We have a really nice shipment arive today including SML Red Sea Purple Tangs, IF you have ever wanted one these are perfect size and priced to move.  Fish Include Pygmy Angel, Orange Anthias, XLG Midas Blenny From Kenya, Red Scooter Blenney, Copperband Butterfly, Psycodelic Mandrins, Purple Firefish, Randelas Goby LRG, Hi Fin Antenna Goby, Rabbitfish, Purple Red Sea Tangs, Scopas Tang, Orange Back Fairy Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse, Green Nudibranch, Orange Finger Gorgonian, Yellow Finger Gorgonian, LG Cleaner Shrimp, Two Tone Hamme rFRags, Large Toxic Green Hammer, Bali Acros,Med Two Tone Candy Cane, Ultra Channel Brain, Blue Mushrooms, Mushroom Combos, Green Beattle Zoas, Assorted Zoas, Yellow Brick Road Zoas, Orange Palys.

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We have some killer corals this week including; Green Slimer Torch with Orange tips, Gold Torch With Green tips, Green Acan LRG, Toxic Green Centered Orange Aussi Lobo, Joker Monti LRg, Aussi Acros, Pink and Orange Gold Symphylia, Neon Honey Comb Brain, Yellow Blue Welso, Yuma Mushroom.  Fish Include; Tailspot Blenny, Wheeleri Goby, Mandrin Gobies, Purple Firefish, Dragon Pipe Fish, Sailfin Tang, Leopard Wrasse, Sixline Wrasse, Sunset Fairy Wrasse. Blue Lege Hermits, Red Leg Hermits, Blue Body Sml Coral Banded Shrimp < Sand Sifting Starfish.

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Coral Connection of Sarasota via Facebook

Researchers will use a zebrafish model to search for new therapeutics that could block drug-seeking behavior.

Tropical fish can get hooked on opioids, too

Zebrafish who were exposed to hydrocodone developed fiendish drug-seeking behavior as well as withdrawal when the drug was discontinued.

Coral Connection of Sarasota via Facebook


Coral Connection of Sarasota via Facebook

What is the purpose of the bright red spots if not to serve as a display of toxicity?

How do reef fish recognize toxic prey?

This gaudily colored nudibranch is toxic, and triggerfishes know it. But what markings on this nudibranch signal to fishes it is toxic? It's not what you may think. Here's a hint: Consistency matters.

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Scientists in the UK have observed a fascinating new fact about sex changing fish.

A better understanding of sex-changing fish

Sequential hermaphroditism is a fairly rare thing ... unless you're a reef fish. From clownfish and damselfish to angelfish and wrasses, a new study explores the dynamics and implications of fish that can change sexes.

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This encouraging trend may be the result of education about proper stocking levels.

Fishkeeping trends mixed

Polls tracking pet ownership show that the number of fishkeepers (particularly marine fishkeepers) have increased in the USA over the past five years. However, over the same time period, UK fishkeepers have declined substantially. How is the fishkeeping scene where you live?

Alexander Harkinson posted a photo
New Splatter Hammer is trying to compete with the Lava Lamp Discosomas for the spotlight. 
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Brittle stars are covered with thousands of light sensors

Have you ever wondered how brittle stars hide from light without eyes? Scientists have now discovered the mechanism for their eyeless "vision": The skin on the arms and bodies of brittle stars are covered with thousands of photoreceptors.

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Contact #CoralConnectionSarasota to order smart aquarium devices.

New Doser Maxi Announced By GHL News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

The Doser 2.1 Maxi is an exciting new addition to GHL's growing list of smart aquarium devices. Like their other products that don't force you to buy into

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This is one of the few studies to explore how pollution from human activity impacts schooling behavior in fish.

Noise makes it hard for fish to school

Marine aquarists have all experienced it: Reef fishes that naturally school simply refuse to in captivity? Common theories are that the lack of predators or the relatively small size of aquariums discourage schooling. A new study finds that noise plays a big role. Noisy water = less cohesive schooli...

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Epic #Reef Tank

Gravity-defying suspended reef aquarium!

George Farmer filmed one of the most amazing reef setup we've ever laid eyes on. This massive reef tank was too heavy for the floors to support, so Ralph had them cantilevered from the ceiling joists!

Coral Connection of Sarasota via Facebook

Intensely colored strain of Acropora florida

My Favorite Corals: Toxic Green Acropora florida Acropora, Featured, florida, SPS Corals Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

In the world of aquarium stony corals, the 'Bali Green Slimer' has been the king of green SPS for more than twenty years, since the mid nineties. This part

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Let's Go To Vegas!

MACNA 2018 Will Be In Las Vegas For It's 30th Year News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

MACNA, the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America, will be in Las Vegas Nevada, September 7th to the 9th. If our math serves us correctly this will be

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There are now three more species added to the official record.

Three new crayfish species found in the Bluegrass State

Three new big, beautiful crayfish species are described from neighboring streams found in the Kentucky Appalachians. Anyone up for an Appalachian crayfish biotope aquarium?

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New hermit crab uses live coral as its home

Just a hermit crab taking his coral for a walk

Heteropsammia sp., otherwise known as "walking corals," can scoot around on the substrate thanks to spaghetti worms that live inside the coral's base. Now a new species of hermit crab has been also found to share this special relationship.

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Seahorses Can Get Domesticated Too News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

Clownfish and some dottybacks may get the most attention in discussions of captive bred marine fish, and especially domesticated of aquarium species. But s

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#Coral #Micromussa

These Awesome 'Micromussa' Are Not Like The Others News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

For several years we've enjoyed a really cool coral that comes mostly from Western Australia which is both beautiful and intriguing. While these do look di

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Navigobius kaguya

Navigobius kaguya Is Another Spectacular Dartfish From Japan & Philippines Featured, gobies, navigobius, New Species Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

Navigobius has been one of our favorite groups of dartfish since the genus was erected in 2009. So it is with great pleasure that today we get to add anoth

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A new tetra with color-coded sexing

Many tetras are difficult to sex. Often, differentiation comes down to fin lengths, subtle color deviations, or sometimes just the "fullness" of their bellies. But with Hyphessobrycon myrmex, the color between the sexes is unmistakable, and that's a good thing because this species is tiny.

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This study suggests that wild corals can continue to grow as summer temperature rise.

Study In Bermuda Found That Warmer Summer Water Can Speed Up Coral Growth News Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

Bermuda A two-year study of coral growth rates in Bermuda, has shown a positive correlation between coral calcification rates and warmer summer ocean tempe

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One of the allures of reef tanks is to replicate a harmonious captive ecosystem in our homes.

Reefspy's charming 180 gallon mixed reef

There hasn't been a whole lot of aquarium-relevant scientific papers published this month (or this year for that matter). Fortunately there are still a lot of really wonderful aquariums. This is Reefspy's 180g mixed reef. "True" mixed reef tanks are a rare breed these days, so we love it when we see...